Stone Care

Protect Your Investment

The most important rule when it comes to natural stones is: never use anything on them that you would not use on your hands. It is advisable to keep away from the abrasive pads and powdered cleansers when cleaning the natural stone. The soft scrub products contain pumice and this can damage the stone floors and counter tops. You should also keep away from acidic products such as those containing ammonia. To ensure the surfaces last longer, you should always use the cleaning products and sealers that are specifically made for natural stones.


Stone Sealer Water-based (WB)

Stone Sealer Solvent-based (SB)

Exterior Stone Sealer Water-based (WB)

Exterior Stone Sealer Solvent-based (SB)

Enhance & Protect Water-based (WB)

Enhance & Protect Solvent-based (SB)

Quartz Surface Enhancer


Daily Cleaner with Protector

Daily Commercial Cleaner (Concentrate)

Countertop Polish


Heavy Duty Cleaner

Heavy Duty Cleaner (Concentrate)

Stone & Tile Restore

Stone & Tile Restore (Concentrate)